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Disposable drainage bag

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  • Min.Order :1000 Piece(s)
  • Certification : CFDA,ISO9001,ISO13485,FDA
  • Brand Name : Shuangwei
  • Payment Terms : T/T
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Product Information

Brand Name Shuangwei Certification CFDA,ISO9001,ISO13485,FDA Model
Min.Order 1000 Piece(s) Size CM* CM* CM Payment Terms T/T
Weight Customized service Place Of Origin Nanjing

Product Description


1, Equippedwith needle-free sampler to protect the safety of medical staff and patients

2,Design ofdiversion channel in the pipe makes the urine discharge smoother

3, 120mmpipe is suitable for soft and hard, with sheet clip, no pulling and nooppression and reduce the pain in bed position

4,Anti-reflux valve eliminates urine reflux and prevents bacterial retrogradeinvasion

5, Crossvalve outlet and extra large diameter

6, Highquality breathable film prevents water and exhaust, makes urine discharge andcollection smoother, and ensures the curative effect of closed drainage

7,Hand-shaped precision metering bottles are easy to grab and dump, eliminatingcontact with urine

8, Thespiral valve is operated with one hand to discharge urine and avoidcontamination

9, With hooksystem, hanging firmly

10,Non-latex, no worry about rubber allergies



Disposabledrainage bag is classified according to the structure type. P type(normal),H(luxury), and J(precise). The main structure and components include sampler,ingress tube , sheet clip, hanging hole, anti-regurgitation cover, liquid bag,discharge switch, flow-stop clip, suspension device, hanging rope, liquidinlet, drip chamber, precision measuring bottle, discharge switch protectioncover.

Detailedmodels as follow: P-1000, P-2000, H-1500, H-2000, H-4000, J-100 1000, J-1002000, J-150 2000, J-200 2000, J-500 2000. J-400 2600, J-500 2600.
Commonly used models: J-200 2000, J-500 2600


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