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  • REHACARE is the leading international trade fair for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care.

    With over 30 years of expertise and wide-ranging experience of the market, this fair is an ideal platform for anyone with disabilities, care requirements or chronic conditions as well as for the elderly. The quality and diversity of REHACARE are reflected in numerous "focal parks", info events, industry representatives, service providers, paying authorities and non-profit exhibitors.

    Over 900 national and international exhibitors will be presenting a combination of product demonstrations and complex system solutions as well as a wide range of information in the form of special theme parks, seminars and workshops.

  • The exhibition was visited by 61,000 people with disabilities, people with chronic diseases and relevant traders at the last exhibition, once again demonstrating the professional status of the Exhibition around the world.During the exhibition, visitors can learn about the latest products of 985 exhibitors from 36 countries, collect the products and information of rehabilitation research, and communicate with experts from all over the world. REHACARE is the most authoritative event for the disabled.

  • Rehabilitation: Handicapped items: prosthetics, hearing AIDS, warning guide, manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair, crutches, walker, nursing bed, folding and moving bedside table, bedside guardrail, toilet chair, bath chair, shopping cart, etc
    Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation care products: orthopedic and auxiliary materials such as training machine, wrist protector, neck fixation, belt belt, traction and fixation belt, limb fixation support, medical external fixation support, paper diapers and other related products.
    Rehabilitation: Others: nursing and medical care, sports aid products, clothing and health care supplies, housing-related facilities, insurance and surveillance systems

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2021/10/6 - 2021/10/9