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  • To coincide with MEDICA, the committee will host COMPAMED.
    COMPAMED will focus on products, materials, and service directions for the healthcare industry: high-tech solutions, mechanical components, packaging, new materials, Microsystems technology, nanotechnology, and electronic manufacturing services.In the exhibition, the latest information and development trend of the modern medical industry and even the future technology will be exhibited and exchanged, so the exhibition attracts a large number of technical buyers, product managers, engineers, designers and so on.

  • MEDICA had 5,148 exhibitors in 2018 (5,119 in 2017), with an exhibition area of 114,381 square meters (115,004 square meters in 2017), and attracted 123,500 professional visitors (127,781 in 2017).World-renowned large companies and manufacturers of conventional hospital equipment and medical products will launch their latest products and promote new technologies at the exhibition.Medical equipment, pharmaceutical wholesalers, purchasers, health departments, medical professionals and other top industry personnel gathered at the exhibition to negotiate trade, which is a large international event integrating science and technology, trade and information.In 2018, COMPAMED attracted 783 exhibitors from more than 30 countries (up from 774 in 2017) with 13,149 square meters (up from 12,966 square meters in 2017) and 20,000 visitors from around the world.

  • 1.Medical technology components: components/modules, drive systems, pipes, filters, pumps, valves, electronic instruments, equipment communication /IT/ network, etc
    2. Production/manufacturing: Engineering, Systems Cooperation, Contract manufacturing, design, construction, R&D, assembly, automation and production technology, Forming equipment, precision machining, Assembly, dust-free room technology/equipment, Process Technology, quality management, Packaging, computer-aided development and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
    3. Materials/substances: plastics and elastomers, resins/raw materials, new materials, nanomaterials, bonding materials, smart materials, biocompatible materials, coatings and functional surfaces, etc
    4. Micro/nanotechnology: microfluidics equipment, laboratory on a Chip, micro actuators, microstructures, micro sensors, drug delivery systems, clinical care devices
    5. Testing equipment: Testing system, testing service, testing/testing equipment, etc

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2021/11/15 - 2021/11/18